Body Energy Mapping or Body Battery and System Mapping – To find out more information from the inside Body what causes the Health Matter cannot cure ?

Body Energy Health Mapping Diagnosis or Body Energy System Mapping  is an advance energy diagnosis way to find out what really happen inside your body include all systems which are listed as  nerve system , endocrine system , lymphatic system, organs profiles , sexual organ profiles and minds functions. We also can determine what are the root causes that cause your body to function strangely and resulted in sickness of many kinds or body functional energy depleted

People of all walk of life need this diagnosis for  preventive measure and percise treatment findings for the right treatments with energy medicines.

The charge for the Body Energy Health Mapping is reasonable and worth as you can know more details that the blood test results as both of them totally different kind of representation and meanings.

People or patients with many kind of sickness and do not know what causes it and adults who has functional and emotional disturbance also can do this energy mapping , children of all types of life can also do this diagnosis to find out what happen in their thinking and mental activities and their emotional states.

Thank you.

Edde Chan

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Body Energy Mapping and Treatments

Body as we may know consist of  the followings :-   a. physical body with organs and bones ,  skins with internal circulation system ( blood and body fluid ) and nerve system with the master command is Brain

The Body Energy Diagnosis will help you to know your body well in all as a whole and find out what happen to them and how well it goes in your life activities and traumas if there are  or any injuries you may experienced.

From the Body Energy Diagnosis Mapping , you can find your body organ profiles signal of normal or exhaustion or unhealthy. similar to system like blood circulation organ activities and etc.  Nerve system where go some exhaustion and cause discomfort or aching or hormonal system disturbances and cause by what issues or why ? You can find also some details on nutrients and pollutants profile to name out the culprit root causes to your health issues .


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Strange Case – Nightly Forbia and Dandrum

A few strange cases of people come for treatment on nightly forbia and dandrums . A man age 30 years old, come to me for treatments. Symtoms like dandrum , holding a knife to wallop his wife and knocking heads on wall and see many insects on flour during bath and feels a lot ants on head hairs and drops on floor. Very excited fear and restlessness and need to bath to clean those disturbances.

Few doses of homeopathy to bring back his disturbances to 70% normal and can rest normal and still got a little arguement with his wife but no seeing ants on feeling of ants on head.  Holding knife to wallops wife also no more.

So people got this strange weird sickness can contact me for treatment.  Thank you. Please share out. Appreciated . Help others is helping ourself.  God will always bless us.

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Treatments with Homeopathy – for general and specific sickness or diseases.

Generally many people not  aware of homeopathy treatment in Malaysia and other countries . But in India, Pakistan, Britain and certain countries in Europe already in par with other modern drug surgery based medical treatment.

Homeopathy can treatment general sickness like  fever  flue like symptoms , diarheoa , hypertension, hypotension, insomnia , food poisoning , stomach aching,  rheumatism , vertigo, nerve pain, joint pains ,  female menses irregulaties and menses issue ,  winds , memory imbalance, cannot remember and night urination in children,  and etc

More specific treatments :-

Cancer   Fibroid issues,  Brain tumor,  Breakdown emotional issues , Chronic Fatique Syndrom,  Traumas of many kinds , Sleeping problems,  Emotional Stress Anxieties issues and etc.

Pls send enquiries or write in for more :-



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Homeopathy Medicine For Hyperactive Children

Hyperactive Children are not a sickness but a manisfestation of excitement from some consequences from few matters. Parents may not know it but specialist will know it more that the parents do ( some parents know more details also ). What is the causes hyperactive in children ? Everybody would like to know. Here are some serious out look parents need to know .

1. Too much sugar or glucose in body made them excite and active in their body and need to burn off by body autoimmune system. Parents need to control their children diet.

2. Craving for some movies or some events that they like most or some foods excited them

3. Some traumatic consequences from excessive of vaccination lead to pain and fear traumatic injury to nerve lead to stigma in all the nervous system and at any point of time or events , it just uncontrollable the child or children will just acively do things without the consciousness or natural body ability to control thier activities. Just listen a music they will just actively excitedly jumping and dancing or rocking their body and etc.

4. Some other cases like overly intoxicated with medication and etc..

Treatment given to these children are simple and easy. Just a few doses of medicine it will help stabilise the situation of the highly active children and for cure, parents need to produce case or visit this website under form box, input all details neede and submit to the admintration. Will response to the case soonest possible.

Thank you.


Edde Chan

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