Treatments with Homeopathy – for general and specific sickness or diseases.

Generally many people not  aware of homeopathy treatment in Malaysia and other countries . But in India, Pakistan, Britain and certain countries in Europe already in par with other modern drug surgery based medical treatment.

Homeopathy can treatment general sickness like  fever  flue like symptoms , diarheoa , hypertension, hypotension, insomnia , food poisoning , stomach aching,  rheumatism , vertigo, nerve pain, joint pains ,  female menses irregulaties and menses issue ,  winds , memory imbalance, cannot remember and night urination in children,  and etc

More specific treatments :-

Cancer   Fibroid issues,  Brain tumor,  Breakdown emotional issues , Chronic Fatique Syndrom,  Traumas of many kinds , Sleeping problems,  Emotional Stress Anxieties issues and etc.

Pls send enquiries or write in for more :-



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