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Globules Size : 15, 30 , 40 , 50
Diskette : Size 2 Grain And 3 Grain. Many Colours : Red , Yellow , Green , White
Blankette : Size 2 Grain And 3 Grain Colour : White Only

Potentised Medicines :

A. Biochemic Remedies Tablets : ( Size 3grain And 5 Grain ) 3x And 6x

B. Biochemic Potentised Tinture : 6x And 12x

C. Homeopathy Tintures : 6c, 30c, 200c, 1m , 10m, Cm Lm 1 To Lm 50

D. Creams : Arnica, Hamamelis, Cantharis, Graphite, Calendula

E. Cosmetic Products : Black Eyes Cream , Vital Fluids, Herbal Recovery Gel For All Kind Of Sensitive Skins On Face And Body. Restore Skin Vitality And Younger Look.

F. Organ Maintainance Remedy : Brain Stress, Mental Power, Sleep Well, Liver Tonic, Happy Man, Happy Women, And Etc. Or Email Enquiries To Us For More Products.

G. Delivery :
For Oversea Clients : Telegraph Transfer
For Malaysia Clients : Within : Kuala Lumpur And Petaling Jaya
A. Free For More Than 10 Items
B. Additional Rm 10.00 For Delivery ( Order Less Than 10 Items )
For Delivery Outside Kuala Lumpur And Petaling Jaya
A. According To Postal Charges And Delivery Rates.

Acid Phos Remededy to week mind and brain fatigu

Agnus Imporency in both sexes complaints due to progestrone deficiency,

Asoka An amazing uterine tonic for women of all ages

Aswagandha Tonic for stamina building & anti ageing

Avena Increase vitality and inprove sleep

Alfalfa Father of all nutritious herbs

Berberis help in eliminating kidney stones and reliving the pain

Berberis Aqui Acne on face, eczema and boils

Carduus A tonic for complete liver protection

Calendula A time tested remedy for all infections

Chelidonium A great liver remedy

Crataegus The only food for heart

Damiana Hormone regulator for nervous and sexual balance

Echinacea Antibiotic and antiallergic

Fucus An effective regulator of metabolism and weight

Hydrocotyle An elixer of life with anti rheumatic properties

Phytolacca Acne, gastrointestinal stress

Sabal A tonic that increase stamina

To order homeopathy products :
Download Product Order Form

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